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Executive Coaching and TrainingAs a psychologist, trainer, and coach, Dr. Chris Allen can help your business be more effective and successful through developing your main resource: your people. Chris does not believe that a top-down approach to management is sufficient for businesses to be successful. Employees at all levels need to have the skills and tools to work together well with others (both inside and outside the company), to meet their needs for respect, esteem, achievement, and affiliation in constructive and healthy ways. Employees in leadership positions need to be developed, but we can “lead up” by teaching all employees to become leaders in their own way. This involves identifying their unique strengths, building a solid team, and holding people accountable.  For more information on executive coaching, check out Insight Business Works, which is her business with exclusive focus on businesses and organizations.

Through training programs like the Peoplemap™, the MBTI™ (Meyers-Briggs), the Emotional Intelligence Inventory (EQ-I), and 360 Assessment, Dr. Chris Allen can help your employees at all levels to bring their best to their jobs each day. She can provide ongoing training through lunch-and-learn sessions or partial-day trainings spaced throughout the year. It takes practice, reinforcement, and ideally ongoing coaching to put new skills into practice.  Research on the efficacy of executive coaching has shown it to have a return on investment of well over 200%. Contact Chris to find out how she can tailor these types of executive coaching programs to the needs of your business.

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"I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum potential."- Bob Nardelli, CEO, Home Depot

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