Thank you for conducting the staff training and bringing the People Map System to Centre Syracuse. As you know, it essential that our staff communicates and works together as a team. You came to us at a time when we were experiencing some internal conflicts and I was worried about how well the training would be received and, more important, how effective it would be. Our entire treatment team could not be more pleased with the outcome.

Having practiced as a psychologist for almost 35 years and worked in many treatment settings where teamwork is critically important, I have experienced many training programs that attempt to enhance team building and improve communication. The Peoplemap™ System is like no other that I have encountered. The system’s simplicity is its elegance. It allowed all of us to take a fresh look at each other and ourselves in a non-threatening environment. It allowed us to better understand each other and to be more effective in our communication. On top of all of the above, it was an awful lot of fun.

We continue to make use of what we have learned and, in my opinion, we are much more tolerant of each others. Thanks again!

Jack Wohlers, Ph.D., Clinical Director,
Centre Syracuse, a partial-hospital program for eating disorder treatment

After working 16 years on an inpatient psychiatric unit and 12 years in Radiology in an administrative position, I learned much more than I expected to. It was worth every penny and then some!

Peg F., Social Worker

This training would be good for people in my workplace. If I can be more effective at my job, my workplace works better!

Diana B.,
workshop participant

This is a wonderful avenue for improving efficiency and civility in the workplace!

Dr. Ann B.,
owner medical practice

What I do within my project teams has a big impact, so increasing my ability to understand others is very valuable. Thanks for doing this!

Mike O.,
Project manager

Chris was very informative and taught in a way that was not didactic, but warm, intelligent, friendly and with humor. It was a wonderful learning experience for myself and the team. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Kim C.,
registered dietician

The workshop was fun and energizing, a great and simple way to learn about each other’s styles, rather than taking things personally. We just love Chris!

Pam C.,
Social Worker and Associate Clinical Director

Thank you for the two excellent PeopleMap presentations. The PeopleMap concept has given me real and useful insight into how my personality affects my interactions with the people around me. I left both sessions of the seminar inspired to improve the way I communicate with my coworkers and family, and empowered with practical strategies techniques that will make that possible. Your passion about PeopleMap and your skill as a presenter made this seminar both fun and informative. Everyone who attended agreed that this was a very worthwhile investment in our workplace.

Merrilee Gorton, Assistant Director

Spaulding Support Services, a not-for-profit agency with a primary focus of providing residential and family support services to persons with developmental disabilities.

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