The Peoplemap™ System of Training and Development

People Map Training and Development SystemAs a Certified Peoplemap™ trainer, Chris addresses the “people side” of the equation. Peoplemap Training asissts your employees in the development of people skills to complement their technical skills and abilities.

Peoplemap Training builds better working relationships at all levels of your organization:

  • Management and Staff
  • Team Members with Co–workers
  • The Executive Team
  • All Staff and Customer Services
  • Sales Force
  • All Staff and Client/Patient Satisfaction.

The Peoplemap™ System

The Peoplemap™ System is an integrated series of interpersonal effectiveness training seminars for every level of your organization. Our goal is to provide your company with training programs that will allow your employees to work 100% successfully with each other and to perform at their very best level.

All Peoplemap™ Programs employ the Peoplemap™ Personality Types. The training is high content, easy to understand, and immediately useable in the workplace and at home. The workshop learning environment is fun, highly interactive, practical and down to earth. There is no fancy jargon, — just simple, straightforward tools and skills that work day in and day out in all areas of life.

Peoplemap™ Basic Program: Understanding yourself and Others

The Peoplemap™ Basic Program provides the foundation for success. This program is a one or two-day program (may be broken down into half-days) designed to teach participants a simple and efficient way to work effectively with all relationships in their life and a simple and valuable method of developing personal “peak” performance. The program is fun, highly interactive and skills based. Participants have expressed that this training has provided them with skills that help not only in their professional lives, but all other areas of their lives. Employees are able to focus on work and avoid interpersonal conflicts that distract them from their job.

Peoplemap™ Leadership Development

Peoplemap™ System partners with organizations to create success at every level. After completing the Basic Peoplemap™ Training, Leadership is then taught with a simple and straightforward approach to the complicated dynamics of providing effective leadership with an organization. Training addresses a method of creating vision, developing “people” skills, creating momentum, addressing the bottom line, dealing with crisis and dealing with growth. This training builds upon the concepts and language of the basic training and adds the necessary components for success at any level of leadership.

Peoplemap™ for Teambuilding

Peoplemap™ System works with all levels of your organization around the vital aspect of relationships. Research clearly shows that the more effective people are at building relationships with others, the more successful and productive they will be at work. Peoplemap™ Systems has developed just that – a systematic approach to teaching the critical skills necessary in every productive relationship. These skills work at each level in your organization and create success in all departments. This instruction builds upon the concepts and language of the basic training and adds the necessary components for each relationship in your company to achieve its’ maximum potential!

Does Peoplemap™ Training achieve sustained results?

The answer is a resounding yes. Through assessment of the training with nine different companies, with over 525 employees being pre and post tested using our Impact Survey. Post testing occurred immediately after training, three months after training, one year after training, 18 months after training, and two years after training.
People have reported that as a result of Peoplemap™ training they:

  • Understand and can communicate with others more effectively. A 102% positive increase in effectiveness was reported after training occurred.
  • Being a Team player and feeling a sense of team cohesion was reported at a 60% increase in effectiveness after training.
  • More successfully managing conflicts and disagreements with others as a result of understanding their own and others’ personality types received an 86% positive increase in effectiveness after training occurred.

Have more patience with others, less stress and are more focused and productive at work. A 69% positive increase in effectiveness was reported after training occurred.

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