Life Coaching ServicesUsually, individual life coaching with Chris consists of three 40-45 minute telephone sessions a month with telephone, fax, and e-mail support as need at no additional charge. However, face-to-face sessions are available when schedule and geography allow. Also, some people prefer to schedule fewer or more sessions per month based upon their own unique needs.

Typically, an initial three-month coaching contract is established, because making significant life changes and breaking old habits typically takes at least 90 days! After that, coaching is done on a month-to-month basis. Contact Chris to discuss options and fee arrangements.

If necessary, Chris is uniquely qualified to refer a coaching client for counseling or therapy should her client require this. Sometimes people are in therapy and coaching at the same time, but never with the same person! Once Chris becomes someone’s coach, she would not ever take on the role as therapist, because of the importance of creating clear boundaries and not creating dual relationships.

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